The South Feminist Futures Festival is an event celebrating the history of womxn fighting slavery, colonialism, white supremacy and cisheteropatriarchy. This festival includes art exhibitions that highlight centuries worth of work by womxn.

The Festival’s agenda will create a space for diverse and vocal South-South/Third World feminist visions of the future. We explore questions that feminists have posed in recent decades, such as: How do we prevail? How can we shift issues beyond what is seen as “gender” or “womxn’s” issues? The festival sets out to provide an opportunity where different voices are heard and valued equally regardless of gender identities, sexual orientations. What will it take to sustain and build on the gains made, not only for the next ten years but for generations to come? What strategies have we lost that need reviving? How can feminist movements fight militarism, capitalism, climate chaos or cisheteropatriarchy – ideas that seem inevitable by many today.

The discussions will focus on four themes: confronting hegemonies, building a new knowledge base for South Feminist activism, reimagining development and reclaiming South-South Internationalism. The Festival will provide a space for discussions on how to build new ideas and solutions considering current global issues. The debates to be explored are decolonization, internationalism, the green new deal, social reproduction and the care economy (the anti-gender ideology, the crisis of multilateralism and the rise of ethno-nationalism, xenophobia, racism and anti-blackness) optional addition

The festival is structured to facilitate regional and cross-regional conversations with the main plenary session each day. These sessions bring about a tri-continental convening where we’ll discuss major global challenges facing womxn, trans, nonbinary people in the Global South, as well as BIPOC womxn, trans and nonbinary people of South living in the North.

South Feminist Futures Organising Group: Amina Mama * Alejandra Scampini * Bibiane Gahamanyi Mbaye * Claire Mathonsi* Dzodzi Tsikata * Gabriela Mendes * Hope Chigudu * Katherine Robinson * Korto Willams * Lebohang Pheko * Masego Madzwamuse * Nancy Kachingwe * Neelanjana Mukhia * Rachel Moussie* Sarudzayi Njerere * Wangari Kinoti

Design: Lais Oliveira (Brazil) Nelly Mzwimbi (Zimbabwe)


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