South Feminist Futures is a transnational association of feminist activists and networks from across the Global South and the South-in-North committed to building solidarity between feminists across borders to shape collective visions and agendas for the future, based on our shared experiences, our rich history of feminist theorising and reimagining and our determination to sustain, expand and entrench the gains of our struggles. In the process, South Feminist Futures will be part of consolidating our identities as feminists from the South, and the Diaspora, to be at the forefront of setting agendas for our communities and regions. South Feminist Futures objectives are to:

  1. be an organisation that supports the work of feminists in the Global South and the South in the Global North. We will provide feminist, LGBTQ+ activists, academics and womxn-led movements with a space to reflect, critique, exchange, connect on their work; 
  2. research and track emerging trends, to understand the world we are dealing with, create  a space for agenda setting and come up with solutions and strategies for feminist praxis looking into the future;
  3. create space for intergenerational learning with older and younger feminists, LGBTQ+ activists and movements from previous experiences, failures and successes of campaigning, mobilising, feminist agenda-setting, public policy gains and losses to inform future feminist work;
  4. address the fragmentation of South feminist movements and agendas through cross-regional and cross-sectoral collaborations by connecting issues and ensuring that our activism is enriched by the activism of others. 
  5. track public policy debates, expose false solutions and popularise feminist policy analysis and platforms. We will do this collaboratively and collectively to build a knowledge base, expertise and organising with the aim to get South Feminist analysis, perspectives and alternatives including at the forefront of progressive movements’ proposals. 
  6. prepare South Feminists to respond to the multiple struggles ahead with a clear analysis, vision, agenda and strategies in their own spaces  as well as ‘mainstream’ progressive spaces in Global South and the Global North.
  7. be part of re-energising and repoliticising womxn’s movements by grounding our South Feminist Futures in its historical South-South Internationalist, anti-imperialist anti-colonial struggles for self determination.  


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